Sunday, 9 September 2012

hey remember that that time when you started a martial arts blog for a school project and never touched it again? i do! dick move bro! like anybody reads this anyway, if more people studied me the world would be alot more radder...  also, bananas, best fruit ever! besides grapes, grapes are rad!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

when i was in high school i had this teacher, Mr. Sylvestre. he wasn't the worst guy on the planet. I'm sure if we went for a beer these days and hashed out our problems we would be cool, but at the time with me being 14 years old and hating his science class we didn't get along. one day in grade 9 he made the whole class cut open a cow eye and talk about it. when it came down to me i was dumbfounded, how could i make a cows vitreous humour interesting? so i said something about asking homeless men in vancouver why they were in a bad way. I learned that homeless men are a lot like a cows eye, there gross at first sight but when you cut into them and get to know them its depressing and it will probably make you think about how weak life really is.

this weekend mark munoz was my grade 9 cows eye. we can sit all day here and bullshit about jiu jitsu vs striking vs wrestling, the fact is we all thought with marks wrestling background and chris weidmans new found love for muay thai it would lead to a classic match up of grappler vs striker. how could munoz want anything to do with this tough young kid on the feet? why would weidman even risk getting into a wrestling match with munoz? my mma mind was blown. not only did chris wiedman take the fight to the ground he put on a show that rivals any penn state vs iowa wrestling match ever in history. sorry for any collegiate wrestling fans out there that i may have just offended.

 two players in one setting but one has the game genie? how is that fair?

Sunday, 15 July 2012
this is the best cult movie ever. the director dropped out of the school I'm currently in and went on to fame.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

A couple years ago i was living with my now ex girlfriend and we used to talk all the time about getting a cat together. we then broke up, she moved out, and we didn't talk for a while. A few months later we talked on the phone and she informed me that she and her sister adopted 2 kittens, so out of complete spite i went out and adopted two myself. When i went to pick them up the lady who owned the house looked like eddie from Iron Maiden and it really freaked me out. "Eddie" told me two things, one that the cats were  both female, and two they were both spayed. About a year later I am sitting in an art history class and my roommate texts me; "call me asap its urgent". When i called him he informed me that one of my cats couldn't have been spayed because she had just given birth to 4 kittens. I rushed home from school to go and greet these new creatures but still couldn't figure out how my cat "Ricky Tan"(named after the bad guy from rush hour 2) got pregnant because she's an indoor cat. the only logical explanation was that my other cat "Stevie" was a dude, after going cat penis searching we figured out that not only was one of my cats an un neutered guy, but that un neutered guy just had kittens with his sister.

kittens are alot like pro athletes,  super exiting at first but eventually they grow older and cant live up to the original hype. that is basically how i thought silva chael 2 would go, it didnt. i assumed that after all the hype up leading up to the fight that there was no way it could leave me feeling satisfied. much to my surprise it lived up to all the hype that preceded the fight. the first round went exactly like i thought it would, chael went out and did exactly what he said he would do and put silva on his back and rode him for five minutes. round two took me by surprise as after chaels 20 pound weight cut in 24 hours, he looked gassed. when he threw that spinning back fist and fell over, my heart was beating extremely fast and i didnt want the fight to end because it looked like after 6 rounds between the two it was finally getting exiting. but, to my dismay chael was clearly done and anderson pounced on him and pummeled him into the mat. all and all it was a great rematch and anderson truely proved that he is the best fighter ever to grace mma. my only question now is whats next for the two fighters? I personally think chael should retire to the WWE which is clearly his next career move. but what of anderson? hopefully hector lombard smashes his next opponent then silva smashes him and we all get to finally see anderson vs gsp. but as we all know this will probably never happen.

Monday, 2 July 2012

this morning i woke up to the sound of a dump truck crushing some unsuspecting piles of garbage in my alley. now I'm not saying that i was or wasnt the guy to leave that trash bag there but lets just say i wasn't, how do you have the right to wake my neighbours up without remorse? this is a bunch of crap! right? the answer is no, because if a dump truck rolls into your neighbourhood with a mission you respect that mission. every once in a while someone rolls around who does not respect that mission and thinks his waste recycling compony has been there for longer and holds that title. thats how business works.

this weekend we have faber vs baroao. baroao is the dump truck waking my neighbours up, and by my neighbours i mean fablers camp. urijah faber has been the champ for so long that we forgot he lost it to cruz. this whole intrem title thing really makes me wonder about the integrity of the ufc and there titles. we all know that the fight between faber and cruz was so close you really can't give it decisively either way. so now we have a fighter in faber who thinks he has always been the lead dumptruck compony regardless of a questionable labor fight that didn't go his way. I'm nervous for fabers waste reduction firm because it seems that renen baraos new found drive to take the intrem title may be the one thing that really shakes this division up. guess what? faber thinks he owns that division and I'm fairly sure he is ready to die for it. this may be a candidate for fight of the year so pay close attention and enjoy it, we don't get much of those these days.