Tuesday, 17 July 2012

when i was in high school i had this teacher, Mr. Sylvestre. he wasn't the worst guy on the planet. I'm sure if we went for a beer these days and hashed out our problems we would be cool, but at the time with me being 14 years old and hating his science class we didn't get along. one day in grade 9 he made the whole class cut open a cow eye and talk about it. when it came down to me i was dumbfounded, how could i make a cows vitreous humour interesting? so i said something about asking homeless men in vancouver why they were in a bad way. I learned that homeless men are a lot like a cows eye, there gross at first sight but when you cut into them and get to know them its depressing and it will probably make you think about how weak life really is.

this weekend mark munoz was my grade 9 cows eye. we can sit all day here and bullshit about jiu jitsu vs striking vs wrestling, the fact is we all thought with marks wrestling background and chris weidmans new found love for muay thai it would lead to a classic match up of grappler vs striker. how could munoz want anything to do with this tough young kid on the feet? why would weidman even risk getting into a wrestling match with munoz? my mma mind was blown. not only did chris wiedman take the fight to the ground he put on a show that rivals any penn state vs iowa wrestling match ever in history. sorry for any collegiate wrestling fans out there that i may have just offended.

 two players in one setting but one has the game genie? how is that fair?

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